Our Supply Chain

Delivering great, high-quality products requires a robust supply chain of mills, trim suppliers, and especially factories. We are proud of the strong network of production partners that we have developed over the last 20+ years. Through this well-diversified group, we are able to provide our customers with compelling fabrics, flexible minimums, and product expertise across a wide spectrum of categories.

We manage and support this network through our offices in Hong Kong, China, and Mauritius. Their local presences ensure that development and production are handled professionally and on a timely basis.

Our Global Network


Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves on our supply chain – not only the quality of their products – but on the way they run their companies. Working with partners who provide a safe workplace and competitive local wages is one of our most important values.

The best way to ensure that an acceptable work environment is being provided is to know who you are working with – and check in on them regularly. To this end, we put every new production partner through a careful review process, build relationships with their senior management, and have our regional offices review their facilities on a regular basis.

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